Former Mill Site Reuse

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Fort Bragg Coastline 

Future of Land Use in Fort Bragg:
City Land Use Authority and the Former Georgia Pacific Mill Site

The City has been working for many years to pursue a responsible development plan for the Mill Site, but those plans are currently halted due to acquisition of the property by Mendocino Railroad, and a dispute over the City’s authority to regulate the company’s planned development. 

Mendocino Railway has claimed status as a common carrier public railroad utility and has demonstrated a lack of willingness to comply with normal development protocols –  including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), California Coastal Act, and processes deemed necessary by other regulatory agencies that ensure development occurs safely and sustainably. City officials, along with multiple regulatory agencies, are concerned with Mendocino Railway’s approach to project development, and its potential environmental and public health risks. 

For any new development that seeks to occur within the City of Fort Bragg limits, the project should be carefully reviewed by city officials to ensure:

• Consistency with the character of the community, 
• Environmental hazards are appropriately identified and remedied, 
• That the project fits with economic growth goals, 
• That the project has necessary access to water, sewer, utilities, roads or other city infrastructure. 

The City is currently engaged in litigation with Mendocino Railway to maintain the integrity of the land use process and protect the role of key oversight agencies. The goal is to ensure that development on the Mill Site considers environmental goals, protects public access to the coastal trails, meets community needs, and helps diversify the region’s economic base.

This page will serve as a resource for more information on the background of the dispute, current status of litigation, and future decision points. 

Comments and concerns can be submitted to the City Council at