City Information

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Administration & Management

The City of Fort Bragg operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The City Council appoints the City Manager, who appoints other city officials and is charged with overseeing the city's daily operations. Many boards, commissions, and committees assist the City Council and Administration in carrying out various aspects and functions of city government.

City Authority

The City of Fort Bragg is a general law city under California state law and its rights, powers, privileges, authority, and functions are established through the state constitution and the state law.

The City Council

The members of the City Council are elected by the voters to serve overlapping 4 year terms. The Mayor is elected by, and from, the City Council for a 2 year term. The Council sets policy and exercises the legislative authority of the city. By City Ordinance, the Council holds meetings on the second and fourth Mondays of every month, and at such other times as, in the opinion of the Council, the public interest may require.

City Geography

The City of Fort Bragg is located approximately 165 miles north of San Francisco, and 188 miles west of Sacramento. The city occupies 2.7 square miles, 1 / 3 of which is zoned industrial, consisting primarily of property owned and operated by Georgia Pacific Corporation. Fort Bragg is the largest city on the scenic Mendocino coast. The mild climate and picturesque coastline makes the city a popular tourist and recreational area.

City Services

The city provides a wide range of services to its residents including public protection through the Police Department, the construction and maintenance of streets and infrastructure, water service, Community Development, Financial Management, and administrative services. Special Districts, and Joint Power Authorities (JPAs), under the jurisdiction of the city, provide emergency services, fire protection, waste-water treatment, and redevelopment services throughout the City.

Other entities within the city-incorporated area provide services to the city's population, even though the city may not exercise oversight responsibility or fiscal control over such entities. These entities include:

  • Hospital district
  • Recreation district
  • School district
  • Special districts